Wedding Color Trend Prediction: Dusty Blue

Whenever I speak with a potential client I am always excited to hear what their color scheme is going to be for the big day. The last few years, more often than not, blush has been among the color scheme somewhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of blush but there’s a new color on my radar that I think may just be the next big “blush” in the wedding industry, and that’s the color blue. Not just any blue. Weddings these days seem to lean towards softer more muted tones, and this dusty, light blue I’ve seen around lately is the most beautiful shade, and can be accented with nearly any color! Cranberry for a Fall or Winter wedding, white for a classic elegant look, peach or butter yellow for a beautiful Spring celebration. I put together a little inspiration with some of my own past work on weddings that have incorporated this color.


Invitation by Zenadia Design, Photo by Mary Jane Photography


Left KT Merry , Design by Joy Proctor, Right Jose Villa, Design by Easton Events


Invitation by Zenadia Design


Left Luna de Mare Photography, Right Elizabeth Messina

I love these menus we designed for a little impromptu photo shoot. Designed to be a continuation of the plates, the bottom blue serves as the menu and the top, the place card. Of course, done in the dusty blue color!


Menu and design by Zenadia Design


Photos by Patrick Moyer, Design by TOAST Santa Barbara