Escort Card Ideas and Displays

Day of wedding papers can be overwhelming for some. Escort card, seating card, place card…so many cards! Let’s look at the differences, shall we?

Escort Card/Seating Card: These terms are pretty much interchangeable. Basically, these are the cards that direct guests to their table.

Place Cards: These cards are at the place you would like the guest to sit once they are at their assigned table.

There are definitely fun ways to present a place card, but even more so are escort cards! These displays are usually a big part of the wedding decor, taking up a table, wall, or other big arrangement. I’ve been fortunate to work with clients who are willing to do something a little more fun and unexpected for their escort cards or displays. Here are some of my favorites.

Conceptualized by Katrina – the bride – and her planner Constance Curtis, this escort card display has to be one of my favorites. Katrina had collected vintage bottles for her wedding decor. Each smaller bottle was used as an escort card with a “message in a bottle” theme. The tags on the outside had each guests name and a small scroll was rolled up inside each bottle which served as their seating assignment. So fun and unexpected, but totally appropriate for a beach wedding!


Photo by Jana Williams.

I love this fun wall display for Kiley and Cody’s wedding. Planners Colette and Kaitlin of La Fete Weddings are always looking to push the envelope with their weddings and this was such a fun way to find your seat!


Photo by Melissa Musgrove.

For Sarah and Matty’s wedding, we designed escort cards that resembled book marks since they were to be displayed in a vintage library card holder. A fun vintage style wedding with XOXO Bride.


Photo by Amelia Lyon.

These are probably my all time favorite escort cards, as you probably saw in my “favorites from the past 10 years” series. Kelly and Rob’s wedding took place in the Natural History Museum in New York City. Their tables were to be named after animals in the museum so I thought why not make their escort cards directing guests to the table a fun spin off of the museum. Each escort card was designed like a “brochure” of the animal pertaining to that guest’s table. On the front was a picture of the animal with a trivia question. Once the escort card was open you had the answer to your question. I really had fun with these!



Taking a fun spin on the traditional tented escort card is always a fun route as well. These fun escort cards feature black lace trim as well as black and white stripes on the inside of the tented card. A fun pop!



Spice up the traditional tented card by having fun with fonts and typography. I love the unexpected slanted writing that’s fun but still formal.



Another fun one with La Fete Weddings, Colette and Kaitlin dreamed up a special program package that guests would receive upon arriving to the ceremony. Inside was the program and a special note of thanks directing guests to their assigned table for the reception. These were such a fun package to design and the lace, velvet and letterpress bring such an element of texture!



Displaying your escort cards neatly in a tray can make for a fun effect and works with a smaller amount of cards or can be dramatic with larger arrangements as well! These were a fun collaboration with La Fete Weddings for an intimate wedding celebration.


Photo by Melissa Musgrove.

Not big on a full display of escort cards? A seating chart can be a fun way to direct guests to their assigned seating, like this one we designed for Caroline and Robert’s big day.


Photo by Caroline Tran.

All escort cards and designs © Zenadia Design.