The Unique Bridesmaid

A few weeks ago, Leila at Inspired By This did a fabulous post on mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses. I too, am a huge fan of the look! Bridesmaid dresses are seldom worn again, and giving your maids the chance to pick their own dress makes it more likely that they will wear it again, plus, they can pick a style they feel comfortable in. In addition to probably being worn again and being comfortable, mixing and matching dresses makes for some fabulous pictures and really lets the personality of each bridesmaid show through! After all, it’s personalities that make each wedding unique so give your maids a chance let their personalities come through too.




Another aspect to help make each bridesmaid unique, is giving them different bouquets. It could be all the same color with different types of flowers, or different styles of bouquets within your selected color scheme.


Image 1 – Carla Ten Eyck, 2 – Sweet Monday Photography, 3 – The Nichols, 4 – Jen Curtis Photography,  5 – Olivia Leigh Photographie, 6 – Ben Chrisman Photography, 7 – JL Designs, 8 – Hollye Schumacher Photography, 9 – Jose Villa