Thanksgiving Table Ideas, California Style


When we think of Thanksgiving usually fall leaves, pumpkins and dark colors come to mind. I wanted to design a table for Thanksgiving with a little more fresh vibe. A California Thanksgiving table if you will. Inspired by this bouquet I saw on Pinterest, I set to work creating a table scape with fresh colors and warm details. Incorporating leather, lace and gold helped to keep the table a little more warm feeling for fall. Let’s take a look and get some ideas!


Each place was set with a flag place card in a tangerine. Of course, pumpkins could be replaced here if you want to make it a little more fall feeling.


Tip: Help your guests feel special by writing them a personalized note of the things you are grateful for about them. Below, I used small paper scrolls, and hand tied each one with lace ribbon. They should sit closed at each place setting where guests can open them anytime during the dinner celebration.


Ever have those candles that just don’t want to stand up in the holder? We all know the old trick of wrapping tape, a rubber band, or paper around the candle, but sometimes even this can show above the holder itself.

Tip: Tie candles with a bow at the holder. This serves several purposes. #1: It looks pretty. #2: It hides any tape or paper you may have put in the holder to get the candle to stand up. #3: If you tie the ribbon to the holder it can even help hold the candle in there! Be sure to use ribbon you don’t care to much about as it may get some wax drippings on it.


I used leather napkin rings to bring the Fall vibe to the table. Not only does this create a warmth, it adds texture which I am always a fan of.

Tip: Mix and match silverware, modern with vintage, for a fun and eclectic look.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. Have fun decorating your table and entertaining, but most importantly, remember what to be grateful for this holiday!

Design, Production, Photography and Paper by Zenadia Design.