Social Media: Let’s Have a Conversation

With so many social media outlets these days it can be tough to keep them all filled with unique content. I see a lot of businesses linking their Instagram accounts to Facebook and Twitter. I get it, we’re all busy and sometimes it’s hard to think of content to publish that’s different for every single outlet. Back when Twitter first started it was used as a place to network, chat with other industry colleagues and post thoughts about the latest bridal trends etc. These days it seems like a lot of people use it as a place to re-post their Instagram feed. Social media, and Twitter in particular, should be all about engaging, and having a conversation. As Michelle of Sage Wedding Pros put it, “It’s about conversing and getting to know one another.”

In an effort to do just that, I’m starting a new series entitled “Let’s Have a Conversation”. Hashtag #letshaveaconversation. Join me next week for my first series which will be posting here, and we’ll continue the conversation on Twitter! I can’t wait to hear from you!


I’m no expert, but I’ve learned a few things over the years that have helped me manage my social media.

No. 1 PICK & CHOOSE – It’s nearly impossible to manage all of your social media accounts all the time. With more than 6 different places to update it can get a little crazy so do your research. Where are most of your followers? Where do most of your interactions take place? Choose a couple social media outlets to focus on and work on posting with those. For me, most of my traffic and interactions take place on Instagram and Twitter so I’ve chosen to focus my time on those, whereas Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. get monthly updates.

No. 2 MANAGE YOUR TIME – Going along with the first tip, don’t spend an inordinate amount of time on social media! Your first and foremost order of business should be just that, your business! Set aside times to check social media, for instance once in the morning and once in the evening. Or one time in the middle of the day. It’s hard not to constantly look and see, “Did I get an update?” “Did someone comment?” especially if you have posted something that day but try a remember, social media is just an “accessory” to your business and to focus on what you need to get done that day rather than constantly checking your updates.

No. 3 ENGAGE – With people who comment on your posts AND on other people’s posts too! Just like I mentioned above, it’s all about the conversation.

No. 4 VARY YOUR POSTS – From social media channel to social media channel, try and post different content. If people follow you on multiple social media platforms they’re not going to want to see the same post multiple times different places. Try and make what you post relevant to your audience on each platform. For example, a behind the scenes look on Instagram and a post about your thoughts on a current wedding trend on Twitter.

Want more social media advice? Visit Sage Wedding Pros website and search social media. They’re a great resource!