Modern Watercolor Baby Shower Invitation

Designed for one of my good friends, this baby shower invitation has so many fun little details! Lets take a look, shall we?


I knew Megan wanted to incorporate greyish blue somehow, and she told me she wanted it to be colorful. I thought a watercolor gradient would be a fun background for the invitation. The finished product resembles water and the ocean, which I love, and ties into our next fun little detail…


My favorite detail from the invitation is the little sailboat. I didn’t want the invitation to be to themed, but I did want to incorporate a little fun personality. The sailboat sits flush with the double thick paper, creating a clean, even surface.


Having fun with the type, I incorporated the gradient of colors into key words on the invitation.


The outside of the folder had a fun play on words, which was laser cut out of the white paper. Lastly, guests received each invitation in a bright yellow envelope, complete with custom stamps.


Tip: Brightly colored envelope stand out in your mailbox, and get guests excited about what might be inside!

Invitation design by Zenadia Design. {Please do not post these images to another blog without approval from Zenadia Design.}