Modern Black + White Wedding Invitation with Gold

My personal style tends to gravitate towards classic and chic. Tailored lines in fashion, traditional with a hint of glam in decor. Being a classic girl at heart certainly doesn’t mean I don’t love the opportunity to design something modern and simplistic! As a designer I appreciate all aspects of design, and am happy I’m able to offer clients a range of styles and not just be tied to one.

A modern and chic wedding with a city vibe of course requires these same characteristics in an invitation to set the tone. With this couple’s modern style and color palette of black and white with hints of gold I set to work creating the perfect invitation for their big day.


The end result was a striking black and white pocket folder – black on the outside, white on the inside for a fun contrast.



I love the gold acrylic monogram we used on the cover of the invitation. Just a hint of this metallic color but enough to add a little glamour.


You can have fun with type and verbiage on any invitation, but it really stands out on a contemporary piece.



Invitation design © Zenadia Design

Board Credits – Top Row: Pinterest, Confetti DaydreamsHappy Wed, Bottom Row: Colin Cowie, Archi Products, Miso Bakes