Introducing the all new Zenadia Design


After months of hard work, designing, photographing new work, etc. etc. I’m so incredibly excited to launch the brand new Zenadia Design! Not only do we have a new, totally visual and awesome website (thanks to my FABULOUS web gal Deb at dstripe) but Zenadia Design has an entire new brand design that I’m SO excited to share with our new clients. I’ve added some fun things throughout the process and thought of ways to make the experience of working with Zenadia Design more fun and streamlined.

You may be asking,

“But Heidi, your logo is the same…”

That it is. This logo has been part of my company since the beginning (2005) and before that even! I designed this logo in high school – I won’t give you that date ;-) – so even though it’s not new, it totally represents me. It’s a little exotic, classic, different and combines type design and style which I love!! As I sat there and tried coming up with a new logo for Zenadia Design, honestly, the concepts I came up with didn’t have the same look and feel I love that my original logo has so I kept it. Same logo, new slogan…


“Your Style On Paper” totally represents Zenadia Design and what we do here. We get to know every one of our clients individually and then translate their style onto paper. Simply put and easy to remember!

Enough of my chattering, dive in and enjoy the new site! It’s full of new work and fun features. And as always, thank you to my clients and colleges for your continued support. Without them Zenadia Design wouldn’t be what it is today!!